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17. September 2022

Newsletter #2 9/2022 Abschluss der Totalrevision des Schweizer Datenschutzgesetzes (DSG)

Abschluss der Totalrevision des Schweizer Datenschutzgesetzes (DSG) Neue Regeln gelten ab 1. September 2023

9. September 2022

Deal Ticker: Kellerhals Carrard assisted Neur.on on seed round

7. September 2022

Private Wealth Seminar on recent developments in Swiss Law

2. September 2022

33. Impulsapéro Bern: Impressionen

The attorneys at Kellerhals Carrard work with joy, passion, and dedication to provide the best possible legal support and assistance. Our unique corporate culture forms the basis for our success.

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An overarching feeling of team spirit, trust, appreciation, and respect enable a culture of open discussion and debate and lead to long-lasting partnerships. Diversity and tolerance are firmly anchored in our corporate culture that help to promote intellectual independence.

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